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The Blueprint for A New Generation

Dedicated to steering the next wave of businesses towards success by guiding them in a progressive and ethical manner, setting a new standard for excellence.

Committed to revolutionising the sales landscape for a new generation of businesses, Generation Consulting emerges with a decade of diverse sector experience. Founded by Roel Mojico, with a steadfast commitment to excellence, we are driven to redefine the consulting experience and ensure we get it right.


Roel Mojico
Roel Mojico

Featured Services

Optimise revenue through customised sales plans and strategic market positioning.

Sales Strategy


Cultivate growth with dynamic culture, leadership, and team engagement initiatives.

Organisational Development


Expand your reach through innovative partnerships and sustainable growth strategies.

Business Development


Elevate leadership skills, promoting personal growth and peak performance.

Executive Coaching


Recent Events

Proud moment addressing a management promotion event, where our services played a part in paving the way for someone to ascend to a leadership position. Here's to continued success and growth!

Promotion Speech

Roel Mojico

Honoured to speak at the 2023 Award Gala, where founder Roel Mojico was awarded the titles of Top Sales Director and Top Sales Company. A testament to their exceptional leadership and dedication to excellence whilst attempting to implement changes across the industry. 

2023 Awards Gala

Roel Mojico

Engaged discussions at the quarterly sales conference, delving into strategies that drive success, necessary changes that need to be implemented across the industry, and putting collaboration and innovation at the forefront for a dynamic sales force.

Quarterly Sales Conference

Roel Mojico

Speaking at an industry rising star event, guiding the next wave of sales experts. Exciting times ahead as we navigate the evolving landscape creating the right sales companies.

Industry Rising Star Event

Roel Mojico
Roel Mojico

Curious to explore how we can elevate your business? Connect with us to unlock strategic solutions and discover the transformative possibilities with Generation Consulting.

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