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Creating The Right Sales Company: What I’ve Learned So Far This Year

Reflecting on the past year, it's been quite a journey. Collaborating with a range of fantastic clients, achieving the Sales Director of the Year 2022 award and being able to travel across the world doing the things I love the most - sales and providing people an opportunity to learn and advance.

Regrettably, there were individuals who expressed dissatisfaction with the operational methods of the sales companies I worked with, despite my steadfast belief in their ethical foundation – such ethical foundation being at the very core of what we do. However, just because something has been done a certain way, it doesn’t mean that it has to be done that way forever. Rather than adopting a victim mindset and assuming we were on the right path, I chose a proactive approach. I examined all criticism, driven by a sincere desire to learn and innovate.

Roel Mojico speaking at 2023 Industry Awards Event
Roel Mojico - 2023 Industry Awards Event

Recognising the undeniable potential for improvement within these critiques, my sales company clients and I embarked on a journey over the last 9 months to not only address any potential issues, but to also create enhancements to their businesses as whole, which I've witnessed have a hugely positive impact and transform lives.

Owing to that astonishing progress, I’ve now decided to incorporate all the lessons I’ve learnt into how I consult businesses to be the right sales company.

I hold great value in the training I experienced and the examples I was shown when I first started in sales, understanding that these experiences have shaped who I am. While it wasn't a perfect journey, I appreciate the faults. By thoroughly analysing every aspect of my work and identifying strengths as well as areas for improvement, it has led to me consulting these pioneering new sales companies that I hope will set a precedent for the future.

Here are some examples of the significant changes that have been implemented in the sales industry so far, and which will be standard practice across many businesses moving forward.

1. Commission Structure:

We acknowledge that individuals starting with no sales experience or lacking confidence may find a commission-only remuneration structure challenging, potentially leading to a less pleasant experience. As a response, we have helped implement a dual structure, presenting both employed (with guaranteed income) and consultant (commission-only) options. The employed model offers stability for those seeking a consistent income, while the consultancy alternative caters to individuals who are more competitive and confident in their abilities.

2. Revamped Recruitment Process:

Historically, the industry has faced challenges stemming from misunderstandings on the part of newcomers about the nature of the role that they undertake. We are committed to being part of the solution to this issue by ensuring that the transparency of our advertisements and on-boarding is always beyond question.

In pursuit of this commitment, we've transformed the traditional 5–10 minute meet-and-greet into an extensive hour-long webinar. This structure allows us to ensure that a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the role is always provided, offering prospective candidates a thorough understanding before they commit. Importantly, we want candidates to be empowered, by making them feel comfortable to leave the interview / on-boarding process at any stage if they find that the role isn't the right fit for them.

This revamped process then leads to a face-to-face final interview, where on-boarders delve even deeper into the intricacies of the role and discuss the pay structure in greater detail. Through these changes, we aim to enhance transparency, ensure alignment with candidate expectations, and attract individuals who are genuinely enthusiastic about the opportunities our roles present.

3. Focused Training and Growth:

Recognising the dynamic and competitive nature of sales, we understand that success may not be universal. As such, if individuals don't meet established minimum standards within their initial weeks and aren’t confident that they will go on to do so, we suggest that it is better to part ways sooner rather than later. This approach isn't just about growth; it's a commitment to ensuring individuals find the right path for their professional journey. We aspire to cultivate teams that not only add value to an organisation but also experience genuine personal and professional development through our collaborative efforts and innovative training programme.

4. Adapted Work Hours:

We will provide optional morning workshops and training sessions for those seeking additional insights. Unlike the past, where the norm involved working longer hours, the teams we work with now typically work a more balanced 6-7 hours while still achieving significant financial success.

We are even considering embracing a paradigm shift, in the form of a potential transition from a traditional 5-day workweek to a 4-day model. Or even providing training online as opposed to in-person, thereby providing people the opportunity to choose the hours and days they would like to work to suit their lifestyle. This change reflects our commitment to adaptability in the ever-evolving business landscape. When I started in the industry, working six or even seven days a week, sometimes with 12-hour days, I didn't view it as a hardship but rather as a valuable lesson on going the extra mile. However, recognising the changing dynamics of the world, we've embraced a more flexible approach to encourage both well-being and productivity.

5. Managing responsibilities

Recognising the potential for issues to arise in the transmission of information from newly promoted managers down an organisation’s structure, we've refined our approach. We will ensure that training and interview duties be reserved for only those who have completed enhanced, comprehensive training, which enables them to effectively occupy a management position. This ensures a higher level of understanding among all incoming and junior colleagues.

Under the updated model, the management team exclusively handles onboarding. While compliance has always been a priority, we’ve heightened our focus, particularly during initial training and orientation. Moving forward, I've produced a standardised checklist which I aim to implement across all the companies that I consult with. Under that checklist, any individual representing a client on a campaign must adhere to the following before they head off to campaign:

  • Completion of client-specific training;

  • Industry background assessment;

  • Detailed discussion on pay structure preferences;

  • Participation in compliance training workshops; and

  • Signing of applicable employee contracts or self-employed consultancy agreements.

Roel Mojico - Quarterly Conference with the next wave of sales representatives.
Quarterly Conference with the next wave of sales representatives.

In undertaking this transformative journey, it's clear that the sales companies I consult with and I are committed to always getting better, staying adaptable, and creating work environments where everyone not only adds value to their organisation but also grows personally and professionally.

Recognising the need for change, I don't harbour any negatives to the way I was taught and the examples I learned from; they played a vital role in shaping who I am today. However, it's clear that some things could be improved. While this industry isn't for everyone, it undeniably holds great potential — something I've witnessed firsthand over the past 8 years as it has positively transformed lives.

Looking forward, we stand at the threshold of a future defined by innovation, transparency, and a thriving collaborative spirit — the essence of what the right sales company should be.

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Great Read! Changing the Industry for the better 🔥

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